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ТЕМА: Полный список опций freerdp

Полный список опций freerdp 17 Апр 2021 07:56 #5493

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/flag (enables flag)
    /option:<value> (specifies option with value)
    +toggle -toggle (enables or disables toggle, where '/' is a synonym of '+')

    /a:<addin>[,<options>]            Addin
    /action-script:<file-name>        Action script
    /admin                            Admin (or console) session
    +aero                             Enable desktop composition
    /app:<path> or ||<alias>          Remote application program
    /app-cmd:<parameters>             Remote application command-line parameters
    /app-file:<file-name>             File to open with remote application
    /app-guid:<app-guid>              Remote application GUID
    /app-icon:<icon-path>             Remote application icon for user interface
    /app-name:<app-name>              Remote application name for user interface
    /app-workdir:<workspace path>     Remote application workspace path
    /assistance:<password>            Remote assistance password
    /auto-request-control             Automatically request remote assistance
                                      input control
    +async-channels                   Enable Asynchronous channels
    +async-input                      Enable Asynchronous input
    +async-update                     Enable Asynchronous update
    /audio-mode:<mode>                Audio output mode
    +auth-only                        Enable Authenticate only
    -authentication                   Disable Authentication (experimental)
    +auto-reconnect                   Enable Automatic reconnection
                                      Automatic reconnection maximum retries, 0
                                      for unlimited [0,1000]
    +bitmap-cache                     Enable bitmap cache
    /bpp:<depth>                      Session bpp (color depth)
    /buildconfig                      Print the build configuration
    /cert:[deny,ignore,name:<name>,tofu,fingerprint:<hash>:<hash as hex>
          [,fingerprint:<hash>:<another hash>]]
                                      Certificate accept options. Use with care!
                                      * deny         ... Automatically abort
                                      connection if the certificate does not
                                      match, no user interaction.           *
                                      ignore       ... Ignore the certificate
                                      checks altogether (overrules all other
                                      options)                           * name 
                                             ... Use the alternate <name>
                                      instead of the certificate subject to
                                      match locally stored certificates * tofu  
                                            ... Accept certificate
                                      unconditionally on first connect and deny
                                      on subsequent connections if the
                                      certificate does not match * fingerprints
                                      ... A list of certificate hashes that are
                                      accepted unconditionally for a connection
    /cert-deny                        [deprecated, use /cert:deny] Automatically
                                      abort connection for any certificate that
                                      can not be validated.
    /cert-ignore                      [deprecated, use /cert:ignore] Ignore
    /cert-name:<name>                 [deprecated, use /cert:name:<name>]
                                      Certificate name
    /cert-tofu                        [deprecated, use /cert:tofu] Automatically
                                      accept certificate on first connect
    /client-build-number:<number>     Client Build Number sent to server
                                      (influences smartcard behaviour, see
    /client-hostname:<name>           Client Hostname to send to server
                                      Disable Redirect clipboard.                       
                                      * use-selection:<atom>  ... (X11) Specify
                                      which X selection to access. Default is
                                      CLIPBOARD. PRIMARY is the X-style
                                      middle-click selection.
    /codec-cache:[rfx|nsc|jpeg]       Bitmap codec cache
    -compression                      Disable compression
    /compression-level:<level>        Compression level (0,1,2)
    +credentials-delegation           Enable credentials delegation
    /d:<domain>                       Domain
    -decorations                      Disable Window decorations
    /disp                             Display control
    /drive:<name>,<path>              Redirect directory <path> as named share
                                      <name>. Hotplug support is enabled with
                                      /drive:hotplug,*. This argument provides
                                      the same function as "Drives that I plug
                                      in later" option in MSTSC.
    +drives                           Enable Redirect all mount points as shares
    /dvc:<channel>[,<options>]        Dynamic virtual channel
    /dynamic-resolution               Send resolution updates when the window is
    /echo                             Echo channel
    -encryption                       Disable Encryption (experimental)
                                      RDP standard security encryption methods
    /f                                Fullscreen mode (<Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Enter>
                                      toggles fullscreen)
    -fast-path                        Disable fast-path input/output
    +fipsmode                         Enable FIPS mode
                                      floatbar is disabled by default (when
                                      enabled defaults to sticky in fullscreen
    -fonts                            Disable smooth fonts (ClearType)
    /frame-ack:<number>               Number of frame acknowledgement
    /from-stdin[:force]               Read credentials from stdin. With <force>
                                      the prompt is done before connection,
                                      otherwise on server request.
    /g:<gateway>[:<port>]             Gateway Hostname
                                      Gateway usage method
    /gd:<domain>                      Gateway domain
    /gdi:sw|hw                        GDI rendering
    /geometry                         Geometry tracking channel
    +gestures                         Enable Consume multitouch input locally
                                      RDP8 graphics pipeline
               [DEPRECATED] use /gfx:avc420 instead]
                                      RDP8.1 graphics pipeline using H264 codec
    +gfx-progressive                  Enable RDP8 graphics pipeline using progressive
    +gfx-small-cache                  Enable RDP8 graphics pipeline using small cache
    +gfx-thin-client                  Enable RDP8 graphics pipeline using thin client
    +glyph-cache                      Enable Glyph cache (experimental)
    /gp:<password>                    Gateway password
    -grab-keyboard                    Disable Grab keyboard
    -grab-mouse                       Disable Grab mouse
    /gt:[rpc|http|auto]               Gateway transport type
                                      Gateway username
    /gat:<access token>               Gateway Access Token
    /h:<height>                       Height
    -heartbeat                        Disable Support heartbeat PDUs
    /help                             Print help
    +home-drive                       Enable Redirect user home as share
    /ipv6                             Prefer IPv6 AAA record over IPv4 A record
    /jpeg                             JPEG codec support
    /jpeg-quality:<percentage>        JPEG quality
    /kbd:0x<id> or <name>             Keyboard layout
    /kbd-lang:0x<id>                  Keyboard active language identifier
    /kbd-fn-key:<value>               Function key value
    /kbd-list                         List keyboard layouts
    /kbd-lang-list                    List keyboard languages
    /kbd-remap:List of <key>=<value>,... pairs to remap scancodes
                                      Keyboard scancode remapping
    /kbd-subtype:<id>                 Keyboard subtype
    /kbd-type:<id>                    Keyboard type
    /load-balance-info:<info-string>  Load balance info
                                      Set logger filters, see wLog(7) for
                                      Set the default log level, see wLog(7) for
    /max-fast-path-size:<size>        Specify maximum fast-path update size
    /max-loop-time:<time>             Specify maximum time in milliseconds spend
                                      treating packets
    +menu-anims                       Enable menu animations
                 [channel:<channel>]] Audio input (microphone)
    /monitor-list                     List detected monitors
    /monitors:<id>[,<id>[,...]]       Select monitors to use
    -mouse-motion                     Disable Send mouse motion
    /multimon[:force]                 Use multiple monitors
    +multitouch                       Enable Redirect multitouch input
    +multitransport                   Enable Support multitransport protocol
    -nego                             Disable protocol security negotiation
                                      Network connection type
    /nsc                              NSCodec support
    +offscreen-cache                  Enable offscreen bitmap cache
    /orientation:[0|90|180|270]       Orientation of display in degrees
    +old-license                      Enable Use the old license workflow (no CAL and
                                      hwId set to 0)
    /p:<password>                     Password
    /parallel[:<name>[,<path>]]       Redirect parallel device
    /parent-window:<window-id>        Parent window id
    +password-is-pin                  Enable Use smart card authentication with
                                      password as smart card PIN
    /pcb:<blob>                       Preconnection Blob
    /pcid:<id>                        Preconnection Id
    /pheight:<height>                 Physical height of display (in
    /play-rfx:<pcap-file>             Replay rfx pcap file
    /port:<number>                    Server port
    -suppress-output                  Disable suppress output when minimized
    +print-reconnect-cookie           Enable Print base64 reconnect cookie after
    /printer[:<name>[,<driver>]]      Redirect printer device
                                      Proxy settings: override env. var (see
                                      also environment variable below). Protocol
                                      "socks5" should be given explicitly where
                                      "http" is default.
    /pth:<password-hash>              Pass the hash (restricted admin mode)
    /pwidth:<width>                   Physical width of display (in millimeters)
    /rdp2tcp:<executable path[:arg...]>
                                      TCP redirection
    /reconnect-cookie:<base64-cookie> Pass base64 reconnect cookie to the
                                      Override the preferred redirection order
    /relax-order-checks               Do not check if a RDP order was announced
                                      during capability exchange, only use when
                                      connecting to a buggy server
    /restricted-admin                 Restricted admin mode
    /rfx                              RemoteFX
    /rfx-mode:[image|video]           RemoteFX mode
    /scale:[100|140|180]              Scaling factor of the display
    /scale-desktop:<percentage>       Scaling factor for desktop applications
                                      (value between 100 and 500)
    /scale-device:100|140|180         Scaling factor for app store applications
    /sec:[rdp|tls|nla|ext]            Force specific protocol security
    +sec-ext                          Enable NLA extended protocol security
    -sec-nla                          Disable NLA protocol security
    -sec-rdp                          Disable RDP protocol security
    -sec-tls                          Disable TLS protocol security
                                      Redirect serial device
    /shell:<shell>                    Alternate shell
    /shell-dir:<dir>                  Shell working directory
    /size:<width>x<height> or <percent>%[wh]
                                      Screen size
    /smart-sizing[:<width>x<height>]  Scale remote desktop to window size
    /smartcard[:<str>[,<str>...]]     Redirect the smartcard devices containing
                                      any of the <str> in their names.
    /smartcard-logon                  Activates Smartcard Logon authentication.
                                      (EXPERIMENTAL: NLA not supported)
                                      Audio output (sound)
    /span                             Span screen over multiple monitors
    /spn-class:<service-class>        SPN authentication service class
    /ssh-agent                        SSH Agent forwarding channel
    /t:<title>                        Window title
    -themes                           Disable themes
    /timeout:<time in ms>             Advanced setting for high latency links:
                                      Adjust connection timeout, use if you
                                      encounter timeout failures with your
    /tls-ciphers:[netmon|ma|ciphers]  Allowed TLS ciphers
    /tls-seclevel:<level>             TLS security level - defaults to 1
    -toggle-fullscreen                Disable Alt+Ctrl+Enter to toggle
                                      [experimental] directly manipulate freerdp
                                      settings, use with extreme caution!
    /tune-list                        Print options allowed for /tune
    +unmap-buttons                    Enable Let server see real physical pointer
                                      Redirect USB device
    /v:<server>[:port]                Server hostname
    /vc:<channel>[,<options>]         Static virtual channel
    /version                          Print version
    /video                            Video optimized remoting channel
    /vmconnect[:<vmid>]               Hyper-V console (use port 2179, disable
    /w:<width>                        Width
    -wallpaper                        Disable wallpaper
    +window-drag                      Enable full window drag
    /window-position:<xpos>x<ypos>    window position
    /wm-class:<class-name>            Set the WM_CLASS hint for the window
    /workarea                         Use available work area

    xfreerdp connection.rdp /p:Pwd123! /f
    xfreerdp /u:CONTOSO\JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /
    xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /w:1366 /h:768 /v:
    xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /vmconnect:C824F53E-95D2-46C6-9A18-23A5BB403532 /v:

Clipboard Redirection: +clipboard

Drive Redirection: /drive:home,/home/user
Smartcard Redirection: /smartcard:<device>
Serial Port Redirection: /serial:<name>,<device>,[SerCx2|SerCx|Serial],[permissive]
Serial Port Redirection: /serial:COM1,/dev/ttyS0
Parallel Port Redirection: /parallel:<name>,<device>
Printer Redirection: /printer:<device>,<driver>
TCP redirection: /rdp2tcp:/usr/bin/rdp2tcp

Audio Output Redirection: /sound:sys:oss,dev:1,format:1
Audio Output Redirection: /sound:sys:alsa
Audio Input Redirection: /microphone:sys:oss,dev:1,format:1
Audio Input Redirection: /microphone:sys:alsa

Multimedia Redirection: /video
USB Device Redirection: /usb:id:054c:0268#4669:6e6b,addr:04:0c
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